on Tuesday, 1 May 2012

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If you get error try to send money manual at: umarhasan.10.78@gmail.com

Dear users, and our loved leechers.

 our website has become elite members of gungaleonline.blogspot.com and thanks to this we are able to create this system for you!
Rules of system
1. Every person who makes a donation above 40 USD* is awarded a gift 
1a. Please note if the sum of the donations will be above 40USD you will also receives gift…so that means if you make donate 4 x 10 USD per month you will also received gift. 
2. Gifts list:
  •      Sword Art Online Nendoroid Kirito (SAO キリト) 
  •      Sword Art Online Nendoroid Asuna

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3. Users from any country can participate
4. After making donate just contact us at umarhasan66@gmail.com
Thanks For Your Participate, We Appreciate it

Anime Gift brought you by: Umar hasan 

Productions : Workshop HMITI